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GEC Weekly Awards

January 17, 2024

NEWCOMER OF THE WEEK - NATALIA TEHRANI (Fremont, CA), a First Year from Cornell University was voted GEC Newcomer of the week on January 16, 2024. After coming back from a knee injury in November, Natalia learned a new beam dismount, reconfigured her beam routine and went out in her very first college competition and nailed her routine, receiving 9.8 for her efforts. Coach Melanie Hall says Tehrani was “cool, calm and collected,” and outscored all of Cornell’s beam competitors and tied for first place in their meet against GW, Penn, Temple, and Yale.

SPECIALIST OF THE WEEK - JORDAN COLEMAN (Bowie, MD), a Junior from West Chester University was voted GEC Specialist of the Week on January 16, 2024. Coleman wowed all who watched with her amazing bar routine in Friday’s meet against Big 10, Maryland. Jordan scored a 9.925, which broke WCU’s school record on the uneven parallel bars and earned her a 1st place finish. Jordan also stepped up for her team in a huge way on the vault this week. After never training vault in college, Coleman realized the team needed her, and she delivered. She trained vault for two days, ended up in the lineup and did what her team needed and helped WCU to their highest season opening score in school history of a 193.775.

GYMNAST OF THE WEEK - ABIGAIL KENNEY (Brick, NJ), a sophomore from the University of Bridgeport was voted GEC Gymnast of the Week on January 16, 2024. Kenney is entering her second season for the Purple Knights as an all-around. In the off-season Abigail learned a new vault, a new release on bars, and a new beam series to prepare. Coach Lorraine Galow says Kenney is “a true leader and leads her team by example every day.” In their season opener at UNH, Abigail earned 3 career high scores, a 9.75 on bars, 9.8 on beam, and a 39.0 all-around that was good for 3rd place overall. 

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